About The School

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The Plaskington International Laboratory School of Scientific Research and Technological Advancement or “the School”, is a private, completely secured educational community located, generally speaking, in Iowa. Our school is home to a varying number of gifted students from all walks of life, many cultural backgrounds, and at least two distinct species.

At the School, your child can look forward to a first class education delivered by mostly-competent, often-licensed professionals in a climate controlled community complete with:

  • Almost infinite learning experiences both in and out of the classroom
  • Facilities and public spaces available for clubs, hobbies and personal projects
  • Multiple high-quality dining establishments offering 100% high-quality REAL FOOD
  • A.I.-managed daily scheduling and discipline
  • Campgrounds, parks, a lake, and other areas for outdoor recreation
  • Private or shared housing accommodations

At The School, we aren’t just certain we can help your children thrive and survive in a challenging, hostile world— we guarantee it, or your money back!*

*If your child fails to either thrive or survive and you believe it was our fault, we will generously refund all or some tuition paid, so long as you can prove it in court, still have all your receipts, and file your refund request on or before yesterday’s date. Guarantee not valid in Hawaii, Guam, Romania, or Iowa. Cash value 1/20th of one cent. Restrictions apply.